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Seriously, thank you!

Taking a moment to express my gratitude and reflect on 2021

I’ve never been the type to send thank you cards. I’m more of a smile and sharing how grateful I am on social media. But today, I want to cyber-thank all of my clients from 2021.

The majority of you are friends, family, and returning clients. You all have been part of my photography journey and given great support toward business.

2021 was a slow year for me. Photography by Janet was on the sidelines. I mainly focused on my mental health and my relationship with God. However, my camera got a lot of action towards the end of the year. It was like God was telling me to get back into photography. Thank you for reaching out to me in helping you celebrate the holidays.

3 basic things I did behind-the-scenes to run my business successful in 2022

I completely stop promoting and sharing my photography on social media, but I did not completely abandon my business. I worked on a few things behind-the-scenes to help me be prepared and organized for you this year.

  1. Website and Portfolio. I updated my website - have you checked it out? I worked out on small details and added new photos. Also working on checking and doing SEO on the site. I've been writing and publishing blog posts on my website, sharing highlights from my recent photoshoots, a few photo tips, and little personal things. I also worked on my photography portfolio, another website where I showcase my portrait photography only.

  2. Created email templates and automations. Email templates are a lifesaver. I don't know why I didn't create them sooner. Along with automation/workflows. And let me tell you, these email templates and automation need some tweaking and revisions. But it's a great start, it saves me time and keeps me organized per project. I'm using Honeybook to manage my business, FYI - I highly recommend it.

  3. Guides and Brochures. I've also created priding guides for my quinceañeras, family and senior portrait inquiries. This is also something that has helped provide a great experience and manage my business with ease.

I might not have been booking sessions, but I was working behind the scenes. These three things will help me provide a better experience for you and future families who are ready to celebrate and take pictures. The goal for 2022 is to be out taking photos and editing them. Less doing business management, if that's a possibility.

My 2021 Portrait Photoshoots - Thank you for being there

I want to take the time to reflect and thank the families, aka YOU, who hired me in 2021. I remember our time together. I might not remember your kids' names, but I do remember how we all laugh and had a great time at the park. I invite you to scroll down. I'll be sharing my favorite photos from each session. You'll be seeing them on Instagram and Facebook throughout the year, by the way. Plus, the behind-the-scenes videos I was recording during the photo shoot.

La Familia Herrera - Family Portraits at Scorpion Gulch Trail

These are my pastors and their boys. We had fun during this session. Click here to view more photos from this session.

Blake's Senior Portraits at Tempe Beach Park

Blake, I hope you are doing well in college. Are you still playing tennis? Click here to view more photos from his session.

Amariz Quinceañera in Gilbert

Your quince was amazing. I loved the spend we had with your court of honor. Click here to see her full quince gallery.

Alexia's Family Portraits at Queen Creek Wash Trail

It was great to see you again. Hope your screenwriting courses are going well. Click here to see more photos.

Ada's Quince Portraits at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale

Every time I look at your quince portraits it makes me think of Cinderalla. Click here to see more portraits.

Jacob's Baptism Portraits

Jacob looks just like his big brother! Hope you are doing well. Click here to view his full portrait gallery.

Juliette's Quince Portraits at The Ashley Castle in Chandler

Loved the vibe you create and your personality. Plus your red dress was amazing! Click here to view the full gallery.

Eva's Senior Portrait at Downtown Phoenix

Go Sun Devils! Eva, you're very photogenic, I love it! Click here to view more photos from her graduation session.

Alba's Family Portraits at Sahuaro Ranch Park

Had a great time with your family, both times. Click here to view more photos and how fun this session was!

Alba's Holiday Family Portraits at Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek

Celine's First Communion Portraits at Freestone Park in Gilbert

Celine, you were soo adorable, I loved it. Hope you and your family are well. Click here to see her full gallery.

Natalia's Quinceañera Celebration near Avondale

Loved how you celebrated your quince. It was amazing! Click here to view her full quince portrait gallery.

Trinity Senior Portraits at Encanto Park near Central Phoenix

We are both now alumni of GCU, Go Lopes! Click here to view her full portrait gallery.

Mia's Quince Portraits at The Ashley Castle in Chandler

All I hear is your grandma telling you to "smile, porque siempre tan seria." Click here to see her full quince gallery.

Maria's Family Portraits at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix

You have been supporting me from day one. Thank you! Click here to see her full portrait gallery.

Jamie's Senior Portraits at ASU Tempe Campus

Can't believe you graduated from ASU! I use to babysit you when was in high school. Click here to see her full gallery.

Daniella's Christmas Family Portraits at Fountain Hill Park near North Scottsdale

It was great to see you. Can't wait for your next holiday photoshoot. Click here to see her full portrait gallery.

Again, thank you! I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope you continue to support my business and keep joining me through my photography journey. Only God knows what's coming. Thank you and may God bless you all. Happy New Year! 🥳

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