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Family Portraits at Scorpion Gulch Trail at South Mountain

La Familia Herrera Family Portraits

Scroll down to see the highlights from this family session. We went to Scorpion Gulch Trail at South Mountian for this photoshoot.

This trail has a lot to offer: mountain views, building ruins, and a city view (when you drive up more to the top). And I highly recommend you go during Golden Hour, to take amazing photos.

Have you been to this trail?

About La Familia Herrera:

Joshua and Juanita are my pastors at Iglesia Cristiana Betel. And I can't thank them both enough. They welcomed me to church with open arms and helped me find a place. Both are teaching me about faith and who God is, and what it means to be Christian. Pastor Josh, Pastora Juanita, if you're reading this, thank you. You have no idea how much you have to help me find my way and I'm grateful that God guided me to both to you. Gracias.

Sam, Junior, and Eli are their sons. All grown-up. All three love to play video games and like to Livestream on youtube. One of them actually has a great watch time on there. Eli uploads videos about trains and does great storytelling about them.

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