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Summer camp was amazing!

I went to Nashville

Last year I hopped on a plane and went to Nashville for summer camp! It was amazing. And yes, I went alone. I believe that one needs to travel and learn be enjoy the journey in their lonesome. I did travel to Nashville on my own, but I was surrounded by other photographers.

This summer camp was about photography and business. My business coach did a family portrait session where she demonstrated her selling techniques. From having the family portrait session there to helping the family order their artwork. It was amazing seeing how Sarah Petty, my business coach, directed her photo session and talked about money. I don't know about you, but the topic of making money is intimidating. And when it comes to showcasing parents their family artwork and the final price for it- I kinda hold my breath and wait for their reaction.

Exploring Nashville

In addition to how learning to make money with photographic artwork, we also got the chance to explore Nashville in the rain. We had a whole day to ourselves to drive around and take pictures of the art around Nashville. It was beautiful. The purpose of this activity was to learn how to get content to talk about our boutique photography business.

I loved this experience. And I can't wait to participate in more business coaching events in 2024.

Shout out to Travel Mosi. Gabriela helped me with booking my flight, hotel stay, and rental car. She was amazing, and great at communicating the information. Thanks, Gabby.

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