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Added a new photoshoot location to my list, it's near Queen Creek

Where do you search for a great place for a family evening putting? Google? Facebook? Instagram? TikTok?

I use Google, Instagram, and Pinterest to look for great places near Phoenix to take photos. My favorite places are Tempe Beach Park

I always recommend these five places.

When Alexia booked her family session, she wanted a different place. We both leave in Phoenix and everyone we know loves these places as well. Alexia wanted something different.

So I went to Google and Instagram to search for a different location to do the photoshoot. And we found Queen Creek Wash Trail. Thanks to a fellow photographer I found on Google, she posted a blog listing great places in the East Valley to have pictures taken. Alexia looked it over and chose this great place. She said it looks like a beach. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Scroll down and click on the photos to enlarge.

Alexia's Family Portraits at Queen Creek Wash Trail

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