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Janet Garcia Trujillo

Quinceañera & Family Photographer

in Phoenix, Arizona!

As a portrait photographer, my goal is to help you enjoy the present, be confident, and show a bit of sass. I'm here to help you be present with your family and enjoy your traditions by capturing those memories for you to hold on forever. 

My portrait photography may be my side-hustle (for now).

I fell in love with photography and video when I was thirteen years old. I was intrigued by how an image and a short video makes a person smile and cry of happiness. I want to be part of that, help you cherish the present, and bring a smile when you think back to that moment. 

When it comes to a photo session, what do you think of it? That it's just you standing in front of the camera and smiling - being a robot. No, it's not.

Doing a photo shoot, (for your quince, for a family portrait, or with your cap and gown) is about celebrating! Celebrating your traditions, your achievements, and being present and grateful for it. 


I believe that photography is like a time capsule, it stores history, feelings, and stories that will be shared for generations and never forgotten. 

Photography is fun in Phoenix

I hope you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Why? Well, l like to share photography tips and do fun portrait photography challenges. 

Plus, portrait photography is not the only thing I like to share. I talk about what I'm doing at church, share snippets of my real estate photography job (this is my fulltime day-job and I love it), and I share nature photos.

When I'm out and about, not doing family portrait sessions or quinceanera photoshoots, I'm hiking, running, reading or watching something on Netflix. 


Let's Connect

Let's connect on social media. I'm mostly active on Instagram and Facebook. And as I mentioned before, it's the place where I share photography tips, talk about what's going on behind the scenes, and share more than just portrait photography. What are you waiting for? Let's connect on social!

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