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Blake's Graduation Portraits at Tempe Beach Park

Lately, I've been sharing past galleries on my blog. Why? Mostly for selfish reasons:

  1. I want to document my beginning.

  2. Analysis my growth

  3. Remember the lessons I've learned from each session

  4. Remind myself why I keep coming back to photography

If you are reading this, thank you! Reasons you should care why I'm sharing past galleries is to remind you that everyone got started somewhere. The last three galleries, aka, aren't even the first ones. Those are after two years of experience and after a lens upgrade. The first ones are yet to come.

I just want to share my growth and pray that it brings you joy.

Blake's Senior Year Portraits

Today, I'm sharing one of my recent galleries, from this year. Before you scroll down and see how great the photos turned out, check what Sarah, Blake's mom, said about her son's graduation photoshoot: (a.k.a my first yelp review 🤗)

"I highly recommend Photography By Janet! She did my son's senior photo shoot and did an amazing job! Many high schools encourage you to go to studios such as Grads, who are overpriced for what you get. Not only that but they treat you like a dollar sign and nickel and dime you and in the end you only get a few poses and they take your money and push you out the door. But Janet was so the opposite. She took the time with my son and really captured his personality in her photos while also making them look professional and artistic. My family and friends were all very impressed with how the photos came out! Graduation from high school is once in a lifetime and I thank you Janet for capturing the joy and excitement in my son's senior photos! I am looking forward to working with you again!"

Dear 2021 graduates...

Your school year sucked. You didn't have the senior year experience you wanted. Thank God you were able to have a semi-walking graduation ceremony, but still. It's not the same experience. But you did it! You graduated! And that alone is worth celebrating.

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