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Social Media Content vs Publishing Blog Posts // Ada's Quince Portraits at Sahuaro Ranch Park

Big things can be scary - monsters… mountains… tests... tryouts ... planning a quince... taking pictures of your kid... graduating school... taking a selfie... posting content on social media.

Sometimes big goals are scary, too! But simply naming them can start to take the edge off.

Why did I stop posting on social media?

I want to stay accountable to you with this quarter's big, scary goal SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT. If you're reading this now, and go to my Instagram feed or Facebook Page, you'll notice that I haven't been publishing any content at all. I decided to abandon and put aside social media. I wanted to focus on the back end of my photo biz.

I've created email templates and been editing the design of my website. I recently finished creating workflows for each photography service I provide, quinceañera photography, senior year portraits, and family portrait photography. I got to say, I'm proud of myself for getting that done. (BTW - photographers, I highly recommend Honeybook as a client management software. Great software to set up workflows, create pricing guides, send proposals, manage contracts, bookkeeping, send and organize emails, and more. Check it out.)

4 Reasons Why I Choose to Publish Blog Posts

However, I have been creating content - blog posts. I publish one blog once a week. I've been sharing all of my photography work from the past. Let me know if you have been reading them. If you're a past client of my mine, would you like to book a family session for next year? Send me an email 😉

One thing that has been consistently recommended to me as a side-hustler is to publish content one way or another. Choose one platform and stick with it. After battling and struggling with Instagram and Facebook content, I decided to stick with blog posts

  1. It's convenient. I have photos ready to share and it's one post per week. I can write about anything in long form and incorporate it with the photo gallery I'm sharing.

  2. Works within my schedule. I'm a full-time real estate photographer. I'm on the road driving to my shoots around the valley. I go to Panera or Starbucks to write and schedule one to two blog posts a week when I have time in between shoots.

  3. It's less stressful. I might not be a great writer. One blog post per week is not too much to ask for. Whereas social media, one post per day is recommended. That's stressful. Post, video, stories, reel, go live! Blog post works for me at the moment.

  4. Great for SEO. Blogging helps keep my website active and alert. Google and other search engines will be able to read and analyze my content, building the authority of my website. In the long run, it will help me be more searchable and be discovered by new clients.

As for my quarterly goal of social media content, I'm going to plan and create content to publish for the first quarter of 2022. I'm well aware of the benefits of social media content. This is why I’m hustling hard to get there, and I’m excited about the ride!

What big goals are you setting?

Ada's Quince Portraits at Sahuaro Ranch Park

On the other hand, check out Ada's quince portraits. She celebrated her quince early this year in the spring. Scroll down watch the behind-the-scenes of her photoshoot at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale. Below the video is a handful of photos from her session. If you're planning a quince for 2022, send me an email at janet@janetgarciatrujillo to get my quinceañera photography pricing guide.

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