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Eva's Senior Portraits at Downtown Phoenix

Photographers, I have questions for you - Every time you go back to an outdoor location for a photo shoot, do you do the same poses? Do you go back to the same spots? I do. Every time I go back to a location that I've been to before, I head straight to my favorite spot and start with directing my model with the poses I'm familiar with.

And then I start getting creative with my composition, angles, and poses. Early in my photography career, I learned that doing the same pose with different backgrounds is boring. It dissatisfied my clients.

Photography tip about how to pose for a photo

Start with one pose at one spot. Then move to a different spot and change the pose. If you try all the same poses for every spot, you are going to have a lot of similar shots and the client won't see the difference.

When it comes to portrait photography, it's all about the position of the hands, the stand, and the attitude of the model. Or at least that's how I think about portrait photography.

Eva's Graduation Portraits, ASU Graduate

In this blog post, I'm sharing Eva's graduation photos from Downtown Phoenix, near the ASU campus. In case you haven't noticed, she graduated from ASU, Arizona State University. Where are my Sun Devils?! Scroll down and click on the photos to see how great her graduation photos are.

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