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Alexia's Family Studio Session Downtown Phoenix (I'm a photographer!)

I got something to admit.

When people ask me what I do, my answer is "I'm a full-time real estate photographer for a media company, and do portrait photography on the side." The last person that asked me that question said "So you're a photographer," after I answered his question. This is when I finally realize that I am a photographer. It never really sunk in that I was making a living as a PHOTOGRAPHER. And this happened at the beginning of this month, May of 2023. I've been a full-time photographer since 2020. How crazy is that! Just now, I've finally accepted that I'm a photographer.

Booking a family session at a photo studio in downtown Phoenix

But that's not what I want to admit.

Ever since I started this photography journey, I never allowed myself to imagine taking pictures at a photo studio. It felt like an unreachable goal. Every time I share my goals that involve my photography, taking pictures at a studio, or owning a photo studio was never in my mind. Not sure why.

God was the first one who push me to DREAM BIG. That taking pictures at a photo studio is not an impossible thing for me. Then He put Sarah Petty's Peak Performance Coaching Program in my path and her team and she provided me with the resources and encouragement to go out and look for studios in Phoenix.

Hold and behold, I had a family session at a photo studio in April. This was my second family session of the year.

Alexia saw that I was starting to do studio portrait photography, and she DM me on Instagram. She wanted maternity photos with her husband and little boy. She also had an idea to have flower garlands. Tap on the photos to enlarge and scroll through them. I don't have a photo studio, we booked Blok. Blok Photo Studio has three different locations in Phoenix to rent. The space was amazing and someone was there to help me set up.

Email me if you would like to book a family session at a studio.

While I was waiting for Alexia to arrive at the photo studio, I was sitting at the table checking my emails and planning my social media content. At some point, I looked up and took a moment to embrace where I was.

I had everything all set up - the flash, the c-stands, the backdrop, and the music. My camera was ready to go. The Go-Pro was in position ready to capture the behind-the-scenes. I was planning content for my portrait photography.

And I WAS AT A PHOTO STUDIO. A place I never ever thought I would be. It felt great. I remember thinking - "I can get used to this."

Thank you, God! For pushing me and not allowing me to quit. And for providing me with the resources to continue using this gift you gave me to bring families together and help them celebrate each other with photographic artwork.

Thank you, Alexia, for booking this session. You have no idea how much this experience impacts me.

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