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What's it like being a Real Estate Media Specialist?

Phoenix Real Estate Photographer with ListerPros
My goal as a media specialist is to help the seller/agent capture the characteristics of the house to help them showcase a home.

Did you know that Real Estate Media Specialist is my full-time job? I completed my first year with ListerPros in July. I love it. It's different compared to my previous jobs. I used to work in restaurants both front of the house and back of the house. I started working as a hostess, worked my way up to a food runner, got into the kitchen as a line prep cook, and now I'm a full-time photographer. How awesome is that?!

Now I spend most of my time driving around Phoenix Valley taking photos of houses. It's amazing. I get to see old and historical houses, remodeled homes, and custom-built houses. I drive to suburbs never been to, like Coolidge, San Tan, Queen Creek, Surprise, Sun City, and Buckeye.

I share a lot of behind-the-scenes when I'm out doing these shoots on my Instagram Stories. Click here to see the Highlight IG Stories. - Real Estate 📸

What exactly does a real estate media specialist do?

A media specialist is a fancy way of saying I'm a photographer and videographer. I take photos of houses that are going up for sale, rent, and Airbnb. And now just houses, but also apartments, condos, studios, trailers, model homes, and commercial property. Among professional photography, I also do aerial photography, videography, and 3D virtual tour scans. My favorite service to do is aerial photography and videography. Seeing the house and property up in the air gives it a more appealing taste. When I film a house, I put myself in the shoes of the buyer. Plus, when I have to film a house it means that it was staged or the home decor is spot on!

What's in the camera bag of a real estate photographer and videographer?

This equipment helps me take photos, film, and scan houses.

  • Sony aiii with a 16-35mm (a wide lens)

  • Mavic 2 Drone,

  • Ricoh 360

  • Matterport

  • iPhone

  • Tripod

  • ZHIYUN Gimbal Stabilizer

Would you like to see my work as a real estate media specialist?

Scroll down to see the houses I've photographed and filmed.

ListerPros is the real estate media company I work for. They provided me with the training, equipment, and company car to go out and photograph/film houses around the valley. It is an amazing company to work with. The communication and scheduling are great, I got no complaints.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down and look at the houses that I've captured. And if you like to see more of ListerPros' work, check them on Instagram and Vimeo.

Let me know in the comments below which house was your favorite.

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