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Let's talk about where it all began- My "First" Family Mini-Session

It's time! In the past two weeks, I shared all of my senior year portraits. It's time to share my family portraits.

As I was going through my old external hard drives, I realized that I don't do a lot of family sessions when I started. I kinda stumble into it by accident. My portrait photography journey started with quinceañeras. Family portraits never really caught my attention, until recently.

Let me ask you something - in one word, how would you describe your family? How does that look like? That's my goal. To capture that personally.

I'm a 100% introvert. Part of my job as a portrait photographer is to direct you and your family to open yourselves up and have a great time. It's hard! Well, it was when I started doing family sessions. Now, it's a fun challenge. Basically, I ask a lot of curious questions and eavesdrop on your family conversations. Sorry, not sorry. 😬

My "First" Family Mini-Session

Below is my "first" family mini-session. This family celebrated the boy's 15th birthday. Here's how you know it was my "first" family session, I never asked what the boy's name is. I don't even remember the mom's name. 🙈

That's changed! I promise. I might forget your kids' names if you have more than one but I won't forget yours. I might misspell it, but I'll remember your name.

Scroll down and click on the photos to enlarge them. Remember, these family photos were my first. It's from 2017. We went to Anthem Community Park for this family photo shoot.

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