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Trinity's Senior Portraits at Encanto Park

Do you have a plan B? A backup plan just in case the original plan does not go as planned?

For Trinity's senior portraits, the original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon University campus and have her photo session there. It did not go as we hoped. There was an event going on that day. I had a plan B in mine. I was aware of how GCU security and parking are, so I thought of a backup plan in case we needed it.

I had two outdoor locations in mind for Trinity to choose from, Sahuaro Ranch Park and Encanto Park. Encanto Park is closer to GCU Campus, so we went there.

"The session was good! I felt a little awkward with the posing at times, but I got used to it and felt more confident as the shoot went on. Janet is an excellent communicator and had a backup plan when we had to change locations at the last minute". - Trinity

GCU Graduate Portraits at Encanto Park

Encanto Park is an amazing park near Downtown Phoenix. It's a great family park. Has lots of green fields, a lake with small water streams, bridges, and lots of palm trees. I invite you to tap on the photos and look at how amazing Trinity's senior portraits came out!

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