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Alex's Senior Portrait Photography at Encanto Park

2020 was something. Something expected, something scary, something out there. For our students, it was quite the curveball. Seniors did not get the senior high school experience that one expects. Prom was out the door. Graduation was out the door, meaning no ceremony. 2020 was something!

Alex graduated in 2020. He celebrated his graduation with his family. He had a drive-by graduation and after that, we headed to Encanto Park for a great outdoor portrait session.

Encanto Park is a very popular place in Phoenix to take outdoor portraits. It's full of palm trees, has a beautiful lake full of ducks and swans, plus lots of green fields. A great place to take the family out.

I invite you to scroll down, tab on each photo and see how Alex celebrated his senior year with his mom and sister.

Alex's Senior Portraits at Encanto Park

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