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How to get through tough times?

Did you know that life is hard? That life is about the choices you make? You might be a teenager or a new mom, and you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking "No sh*t, Janet!"

Well, I'm here to give you a bit of encouragement and insight.

1. Take ownership

You are where you because of the choices you've made. God gave you opinions and you choose a path that you're at. Be grateful for it. You might not like it, you might be thinking it's unfair or why you! I know that feeling. Take a minute and remember why you are where you are. There's a reason.

2. Take action

If you want your situation to change, do something about it! Change your hair color. Go for a ten-minute walk. Look for a new job. Apply for school. Pick up the phone and give that persona call. Go to church. Redecorate your house. Take the car to the mechanic. Just decide what needs to change and do something about it!

3. Do the work

One thing is saying you're going to do something, and another is doing the work. Make sure you're applying to the jobs you want. Or apply to the schools that you want to attend and have what you want to study. Maybe you have to say "no" to people or stop doing things in order to achieve what you want. Sit down and get to work! Or get up and do the work! (which either one applies to you)

4. Enjoy the journey

Once you think you have it all figured out, life is going to throw you a curveball. You get to choose how to feel and react to it. You can dodge it, catch it, or it might hit you in the face, take your breath away, or it can knock you down. I say cry and throw a fit. Get it out of your system. Then, laugh and make jokes about it. Every curveball that life and God throw sat you is a lesson and part of the journey.

5. Be grateful

Again, be grateful for where you're at. Be grateful for the path you choose. Be grateful and excited for what's ahead.

And here's is something that I'm currently trying to apply in my life -

"There's always a reason to choose joy" - click here to listen to a song

On my Instagram, when I'm talking about my portrait photography, I always mention something like this -

"Life is about celebrating. And enjoying the little things.

Here's a post I shared on my Instagram about choices. It what inspired me to write and share this blog post with you today. Click on the IG post and let me know in the comments if this blog post helped you in any way.

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