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Alba's Holiday Portraits at Queen Creek Wash Trail

Curious question, have you decorated your home for the fall season, yet? Or are you waiting for Christmas? I got my fall decorations out, even though it's still hot outside!

What are your plans for the holidays? Or is it still too early to ask? Because I got an idea. As you already know, I'm a family portrait photographer, so I was thinking one way for you to celebrate the holiday by having a family photoshoot. What do you think?

Alba's Family Portraits at Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek

Last year, Alba booked a family session right before Christmas. She previously had a session with her parents and siblings. But for Christmas, she had another family photoshoot with her husband and two girls only. Her gallery is below. This photoshoot was at Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek, near the Wash Trail. Before you go and scroll through the photos, here's what Alba had to say after her photo session:

"Janet is amazing. She pays attention to all types of details. From making sure hair is placed in the right way to a chin looking forward. She interacts with children well. Always smiling and keeping them comfortable throughout the whole session. She went above and beyond my expectations.

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