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3 Tips on how to take AWESOME photos of your kids.

Believe me. I see it all the time, and I know just how stressful it can be taking family photos at the park. Especially when it comes to the little ones. This is exactly where I come in!

The Benefit of Having an Outdoor Family Photoshoot

I love doing family portraits outdoors. Yes, it gets the kids very excited, because all they want to do is run and play. They do not want to still for a minute.


My trick is to have the kids run around. They are laughing and having fun. If you want a great photo of your son smiling, that's the trick. Having your little girl twirl around in her dress is also another way of capturing her smile. You can join in the fun and play with your kids as well.


Watch the video, where share 3 tips on how to take awesome photos of your kids.

3 Tips on How to Take AWESOME Photos of Your Kids

  1. Have your kids around. Children do not want to be still. We are in the park. They get excited. They want to play and run around. Let them. It's the best way to capture an authentic and adorable photo.

  2. Bring more kids to the photo shoot. Depending on the ages, this can be beneficial. The little ones will want to follow the older kids. And they will feel more comfortable taking photos.

  3. Play with your kid. You're their parent. You know what makes your kid smile and laugh.

Ever considered booking a family portrait session?

Can you level with me? There’s a good chance you never considered booking a family portrait session.


Why would you? You have an iPhone/Android that takes really great photos, right? You can set up the timer and take great family group photos. You can get your child to smile and capture what you're looking for. And the quality is great when you share the photos on Instagram.


I get it.


But, my family portrait session allows YOU to have fun with your kids and YOU get to be in the pictures, too.


Why would YOU want to hire ME?

You deserve to be in the pictures.

You deserve to put your heels on, let down your hair, and pose for a GREAT photo, too.

Plus, have a family portrait framed on your wall.


So, be honest...are you ready to book a family session with me?

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