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Hernandez Extended Family Portrait Session at Scorpion Gulch Trail

Are you a big fan of our Sonoran Desert?

Phoenix is a beautiful desert. Lots of amazing plants, aka cacti, and mountain views. My favorite place to take family portraits with a desert background is Scorpion Gulch Trial at South Mountian. This place has amazing mountain views. I invite you to scroll down and tap on the photos to see how beautiful these family photos came out.

Hernandez Family Portrait Gallery (Scorpion Gulch Trail)

This session was in mid-October of 2022 at sunrise. Yes, you read that right, sunrise, at 7 am. The best thing from that morning was that the sky was cloudy. A cloudy morning in Phoenix, Arizona is rare. And that helped fill in the sky and allowed the sun's rays to dim right through them. It was a great view.

Theresa was the one who planned this session. This session was dedicated to her mom. Theresa's parents, her brother's family, and her family came to the session. It was an extended family photo session. Four generations were at this photo session. Theresa's mom had a great time with her kids, grandkids, and great-grandbaby. Tap on the photos and get a closer look at how the pictures turned out.

Did you know that...

During this time, I joined an 8-week course learning how to pivot my photography business from digital to custom artwork. I was in the second week of that course, but I did let Theresa know that I was shifting my business to offering wall art. I asked if she would like to learn about the wall art I was now offering and be part of this change. She said YES. She was actually looking for a photographer that would help them order artwork, not just digitals.

During the ordering appointment, with a beautiful presentation of the session, I help Theresa, her sister-in-law, and her niece choose a family portrait wall art for their homes.

Tap on the heart if you loved how this session turned out!

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