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How To Capture Photos with More Personality

I'm not perfect. I'm a big-time introvert. And it takes me a while to get comfortable around people and let them see my true personality. And it's the same way when it comes to my portrait photography sessions. When I have a session with a quinceañera or a family, it's a challenge to get into that comfort level.

The family and quinceañera have expectations for their photos and it's up to me to take those candid/lifestyle photos.

Below is my four-step process on how I get myself out of my introvert bubble and reach that comfort level with the family and quinceañera.

My Four-Step Process to Capturing Photos with Personality

Before I start, here's a quick tip- BE YOURSELF! Allow yourself to enjoy the time, the attention, and feel it. You are beautiful. Your family is beautiful. When you think back and see these photos, you want to remember the laughter, the headache, and moments that made you smile and feel great. With that being said, here's my four-step process to capturing photos with personality.

Start with the basic poses.

By basic poses, I mean with your hand on your hip.

Making references to Disney movies or novels.

I love watching Disney movies and I grew up watching novelas. Making these kinds of reference helps me direct the family and quinceañera into fun poses and build their confidence.

Fake laugh or make faces for the little ones to mimic

Do a fake laugh, it will transform into a real one and will bring out your genuine smile. When it comes to toddlers, as the photographer, make funny faces or facial expressions that they can mimic. Little kids just want to have fun and be silly.

Do Action Movement Poses

Doing action poses is KEY to capturing personality.

Let me know in the comments below which of the four tips will help you take fun pictures?

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