• Janet G.

Daniella's Family Photos at Steele Indian School Park

These family photos are from the 2020 fall session. Daniella wanted a family photo for the holidays. The photoshoot was at Steele Indian School Park near Uptown Phoenix.

This session has a mix of family poses and movement/fun action shots. What's the difference? Well, as you scroll and look at the photos, you'll see that there are a few photos with the adults and kids standing and looking at the camera. The women might have a hand on their hips and you can see how impatient the little ones are. In the first few photos, you can the kids more relax and mom having a great time playing with the kids. Those are my movement/action shot.

The best way to capture your kids' smiling is by letting them be children. I like having the kids run around and play. It's the best way to capture their personalities. Any picture that involves movement gives you the opportunity to capture your true selves.

After you're done looking at the photos, click here to learn how to take awesome photos of your kids.

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