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4 Mistakes I did as a quinceañera portrait photographer

Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make

When I was first learning the ropes of portrait photography, I have to admit it wasn’t pretty. I made tons of mistakes, like the time I did the same pose for every angle and using Lightroom presets in the editing room without understanding what I was doing.

I was holding back on my directing skills. Photographing my cousins' quince was comfortable and easy. When it came to photographing other quinceañeras, I was veryself-cautious of my broken English and very aware of my insecurities as a beginner. I didn't go all in and trusted my gut.

When I photograph this quinceañera, I was so nervous that I don't remember her name. She was referred to me by a family member, (I think 🤔). My insecurities are shown in my work. Scroll down and you'll see what I mean.

The poses are very simple and her personality does not shine. That's my mistake for not directing her and her family to fun poses - like the action shots I love to take today. Another thing, my color editing is not consistent. I had discovered that Lightroom has presets and I tried them. At the time, I liked them. Now, I regret it. There is nothing wrong with using presets when editing photos, but a photographer has to learn how to apply them accordingly.

How to improve as a beginner

Making mistakes is part of being a beginner. That's how we learn.

It takes practice and time to be confident and consistent with your photography.

Trust your gut.

Be creative.

Take risks.

Make mistakes.

I kept making mistakes, but I learned to take risk and to trust my judgement when I'm doing a photoshoot. My clients are trusting in helping them be themselves in front of the camera, to capture their best side and to celebrate.

Quince Photos at Anthem Community Park

These photos were from 2017. This session was amazing. I love her dress. I'm grateful for this quinceañera photoshoot. It's one that I learned the most. One where I owned my mistake and vowed to always push myself to take risk.

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