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My Cousin's Wedding Photos

Do you travel? What's been your favorite place that you've visited so far? Let me know in the comments below.

My favorite place has been Israel. Visiting the Holy Land was a great blessing! Another place I like to visit once a year is Mexico. Spending time with my cousins, mis tías, and grandma. I love it. We go on road trips, eat a lot of great food, and watch movies together. We'll play soccer or watch novelas con mi tías and grandma.

Carlos and Yesenia's Wedding Portraits

Earlier this year, I went to Mexico to celebrate my cousin's wedding. It was amazing! The perks of having a portrait photographer in the family, is having someone to take pictures. I help out my cousin with photography on his big day.

His wedding was amazing. I may not be a wedding photographer, but I do encourage you to scroll down and check out how the wedding was. You can enlarge the photos.

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