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The Five Features of The Ashley Castle (Jullietta's Quinceañera Portraits)

Let's take a tour at the most popular venue to take your quinceañera photos - The Ashley Castle. Based on their Instagram and website, weddings are mostly celebrated at The Ashley Castle. Luckily, photographers may book a one-hour photoshot during the week for any kind of session. This is when we, photographers, take advantage of it.

The Ashley Castle is located in Chandler. The days that are available for photoshoots are Monday-Thursday. There is a fee included. If you like to learn more about the venue, I encourage you to visit their website or give them a call at (480) 857-8030.

The 5 Amazing Features of The Ashley Castle

Now let's take that tour! The name says it all, the venue is a castle. It has the following,

  1. A water fountain as you're entering the building.

  2. A grand entrance. The foyer is amazing and it has two big dressing rooms on the side with wall-size mirrors.

  3. High ceilings with chandeliers. Every time I enter the castle, it reminds me of The Beauty and Beast, the scene when Belle and Beast are waltzing in the ballroom.

  4. A ballroom.

  5. The landscape of this venue is amazing. Once you step outside, back of the castle, you'll see another water fountain, a gazebo, an open green area, and a patio.

The Ashley Castle is amazing. It makes you feel like you stepped into a Disney princess's castle.

If you like to see The Ashley Castle in person, they do have an open house. You are welcome to experience a walk-through of the venue on Wednesdays from 6 pm -8 pm. Click here to double-check the times or give them a call.

Julietta's Quince Portraits at The Ashley Castle (Quinceañera Testimonial)

I wanted to share Alma's testimonial with you (it's below the gallery). This was from her daughter's, Julietta, quinceañera photoshoot at the Ashley Castle. It's the portraits you've been scrolling through in the post. Click here to learn about my quinceañera portrait photography.

She was very professional, accommodating, and easy to work with. The pictures were perfect. I highly recommend her.
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