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Illianna's Quinceañera Portraits at Encanto Park near Downtown PHX

“What do you do?” Such a vague question - isn’t it?!

If I was in an elevator with someone, my quick response would be that I'm a quinceañera and family portrait photographer. But if I was on a long flight and the person sitting next to me asked this question, I’d tell them that I'm a photographer - a full-time real estate photographer for a media company and a portrait photographer helping quinceañeras and family celebrate their traditions.

Do you have any questions about what I do? Shoot me an email at janet@janetgarciatrujillo or comment below!

Ilianna's Quinceañera Portraits at Encanto Park

The portraits below are from August 4, 2018. Illianna and her mom booked her pre-quince portrait session at Encanto Park near Downtown PHX. As you see, she wore a beautiful white quince dress. Scroll down and check her portraits. Let me know in the comments below which photo is your favorite.

This session was right after I upgraded my camera from a Canon Rebel T3i to a Canon 6D Mark ii. I used my Canon EF 1.4 50mm. I loved how my photos came.

If I were to do this session again, I would be more careful with the shadows and bright spots on the face. Other than that, I was great at directing Illianna into different poses and being creative with my composition. What do you think?

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