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My 4 Goals for the Last Quater of 2020

It's been a while since I shared something on here. Here's the thing, I had this fantasy on how I was going to have my blog. I'll be sharing all of my previous photos here and share what I did differently and what I learned (from the customer experience perspective). I was going to do that with EVERY photoshoot I had in the past. Plus, share what I was currently working on and so on. Also, share inspiration posts and a bit about my personal life. Basically, I wanted to do what other photographers and business bloggers before me have done and are doing.

Then, a mentor of mine said something like this (I'm paraphrasing):

Do you! You are where you are meant to be. And work with what you have, don't go back or look back. Keep moving forward.

So, I stopped blogging. Decided to use my time and energy in learning how to make some income on my photography side-hustle and how to use my time and energy properly. I knew I was going to start blogging when it felt right and it didn't seem like a chore or some task that I had to cross off my business list.

And today is the day!

Now, I do not have a plan on how consistently I'm going to be posting a blog on here. I'm planning on going along with the ride and write when it feels right.

In this post, I'm going to share with you my goals for the end of the quarter. This is my game plan on how I want 2020 to end.

  1. Publish my website - I updated the information and redesign my website. I learn how I can generate some income from my portrait side-hustle and I want that to show online that I mean business.

  2. Film, edit and share a short how-to video - This is a source that I'm planning on using to start my email newsletter. Going to start with my client list. Start with what I have, right?

  3. Create 3 FREE guides - Sources I'm going to use to build my email list.

  4. Start getting inquires - More specifically, book 5 photoshoots for 2021 and 3 before the year ends.

I even went LIVE on Instagram to share it with the universe. Kinda a trick to keep me accountable. The more you say it and think about it, the likelihood it might happen, right?

What goal are you looking to today?

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