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Why you should book me? (Mia's Quinceañera Portraits at The Ashley Castle)

I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how great and amazing The Ashley Castle is, why you should have a quinceañera portrait photoshoot here, and why you should book me as your quinceañera portrait photographer. But I've been doing that for a while on my Instagram. 😁

Mia's Quince Portraits at The Ashley Castle

So I'm going to let Dolores, Mia's mom, do the talking.

"Wonderful experience. Janet gave my daughter good directions on how to pose and made her feel at ease. Janet is very professional. I would highly recommend her."

Getting ready for your quinceañera photoshoot

Sometimes, we all need a little nudge. Maybe it’s a kind reminder to hug your parents or maybe it’s an encouraging push to try new things. One of the things that I remember from Mia's quince session was how giggly she got when I asked her dad to give her a kiss on the forehead.

Watch towards the end of the video, that is when Mia's dad gives her a kiss on the forehead and she gets all giggly.

When planning your daughter's quince session, you should also get ready for photos.

During my quince portrait sessions, I LOVE to include the parents in the photos. Your little girl is growing up! I want to help both the quinceañera and you to feel proud, happy, joyful about their celebration. When booking a quince portrait session with me, be prepared to pose and kiss your daughter on the forehead.

Order prints from your quinceañera!

Quinceañeras, you MUST order a big canvas print for you wearing your quince dress.


You only wear that beautiful gown for one full day! Make the most of it.

Sit down with Mom and Dad, choose which photos to hang on the living room wall, and which ones will go on the album.


Your quince was the best!


Mia and her mom ordered a 20x30 Canvas Wrap. Dolores send me this video when Mia opened it and saw her portrait for the first time.

What do you think?

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