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Leslie Quinceañera Photos in Phoenix

Last month, February, Leslie celebrated her fifteenth birthday. She wear this beautiful Cinderella quinceañera dress, wear sneakers with Peter Pan images on them and she was escorted by her brother, Robert – el chambelan de honor. The rest of her court of honor were cousins and a friend. 

And as the quinceañera photographer, that was me! Leslie is my cousin and I helped her and my tia by photographing and filming my cousin’s quince. On this post, I’ll be sharing the photo highlights of Leslie’s quince. 

Quinceañera Portraits Taken at Anthem Community Park

As you know, there is always a photo-session of the quinceañera months before the big day. The purpose of this photo-session is to capture the best picture of the quinceañera in her dress for the entrance photo. You know, that one that is displaced by the entrance of the reception.

With Leslie, we went to Anthem Community Park, aka, my favorite place so far in Phoenix to take photos at. Here are a few photos from that photo session. 

If you'll like to see the rest of the quince photos from this session, click here.

Mis Quince en Phoenix – Leslie’s Quinceañera

On Leslie’s quince day, I was with her all day – documenting how she got ready for the big day, took pictures of her at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale along with her court of honor and the entire celebration at Las Brisas. Leslie had a great time celebrating her quince with family and friends.

Leslie getting ready for her quinces:

Sahuaro Ranch Park Photography - Leslie and her Chambelanes

Las Brisas in Phoenix and Leslie's Quince:

These photos are only the highlights of Leslie's quince. If you would love to see more >>check out the rest on my portfolio<<

Let know what you think about the photographs in the comments below. And if you have any questions about my quinceañera photography services in Phoenix, click here to learn more about it.

In the beginning of the blog, I mentioned that I photographed and filmed Leslie's XV. So, as I'm writing this blog, I'm still editing the video. But as soon as I'm done editing a highlight video of Leslie's Quince I'll let you know.

Love, Janet.

Personal Note from the Author Can I take the opportunity to introduce myself? I’ve recently started blogging and I wanted to say two things: Hola, bienvenios! Hello & welcome! My name is Janet and I’m a quinceañera photographer who loves photographing family traditions and help you enjoy a great time with your family. Most weekends, you’ll find me at the movie theaters or at the mall. I’d be honored to connect with you.

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