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When things started to get serious - 2018 Mother's Day Portfolio

You've heard this more than once - "If you want to make God laugh, make a plan."

2018 was the year that my world went upside down and into a very dark tunnel. And that's a long, complicated, and emotional testimonial that is better off for another blog post.

Three things I did to pivot from a hobby to business

One thing I will share is that 2018 was the year that I wanted to try new things with my photography. It was the year that I wanted to treat my photography as a business and not a hobby.

1. Updated my website

I transfer my website to WIX. And that's when I started to design the site. It was terrible. My business name was JG Trujillo Productions. I wanted to do it all. Photo and video for anything and everything. I even spend money on an ad for a golf course. Which was a bad investment. My ideal client does not like golfing.

2. Started a youtube channel

Another thing I did that year was YouTube. I wanted to have a great Youtube Channel. I found a YouTube mentor that teaches business owners how to use Youtube to generate clients. I only did 5 videos. My upside-down situation and my depression were too much during this time. I didn't want to smile and do fun things in front of the camera when I wasn't feeling ok. So, I decided to stop. Plus, that imposter syndrome is hardcore. But, if you're curious about those 5 videos, click here and watch them. They are two years old. Make sure you come back, let me know in the comments what you think.

3. Ran a Facebook AD

That year, I did my first promotion on Facebook. And I also joined Instagram - all late but I joined. About the promotion, it was a complimentary Mother's Day Photoshoot. Since I decided to take the next step and treat my photography as a business, I needed to upgrade my portfolio. So, a mother's day photoshoot was my idea. It was for that weekend in two different locations. It was a good turnout. And the photos were great. I hosted at Encanto Park and Anthem Community Park. 30mins per family. Scroll down and take look.

It's ok not to be ok, God has your back!

BUT, before you do...

I want to end the blog on a better note...

As I mention, I had a professional plan for myself in 2018 - treat my photography as a business. That did not happen. I couldn't do it. God had something else for me. He helped me through that upside-down personal situation and got me through that very dark tunnel. It took two years, but I'm out of that dark tunnel.

  • Don't rush it!

  • Make horrible mistakes

  • Take the time to get back on your feet.

  • It's ok to take a break and a step back.

  • God has your back. He has a BETTER plan for you.

  • Trust Him.

  • And have faith.

2018 Mother's Day Photoshoot Highlights

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