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Started a YouTube Channel, but it did not work out, here's why

Ever wanted to start a YouTube Channel and see what happens? What would your channel be about? How to cook? DYI home improvements? Or just record your everyday life, vlogging?

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I wanted to build a YouTube Channel in 2018. I started, but I stopped. Guess what my channel was about? That's right - Photography 101.

I started the channel with the purpose to build my authority in photography. To show you and everyone on the Internet that I'm a good photographer that knows what she is doing. And to be honest, I do not know what I was doing. I hate being in front of the camera. I hate public speaking. But I was determined to push through.

I invite you to view the six videos that made it on my channel. Scroll down and watch them. Then, on a scale of 1 -5, let me know in the comments how cringy they are.

Trailer - Welcome to My Channel.

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Why YouTube Wasn't Working for Me

The reason why I stopped making YouTube videos was due to my depression. I wasn't feeling confident being on camera. It felt the force and I wasn't enjoying it. Every time I sat down to edit the video, I'll look at the footage and saw a sad person. Yeah, I was smiling, but my eyes reflect sadness. The passion wasn't there. That's why I stopped.

I love photography! I love learning about it. So I stopped. And who knows. Maybe one day, I'll be on YouTube to make fun and creative videos about portrait photography. But for now, I'll be on Instagram and Facebook, showcasing my portrait photography.

If I were to give YouTube another chance, what would you like to see?

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