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Getting through the really tough times

How do you get through the really tough times?

This post is dedicated to my dad. Full disclosure, I have not had a conversation with my father for over two years, from the day this blog is posted.

Why? The short version: I was mad at how my dad handled his divorce from my mom. My dad broke my heart. My dad is not the perfect father, he was not the perfect husband, nor was he the perfect man. But he was my dad. I admired my dad. I had him on a pedestal. And when he and my mom gave us the news of their separate and why it broke my heart. And when they were getting the divorce, my dad was not there for me.

I was debating on rather or not I should share this on my blog. And I think I feel comfortable posting this because, right now, I do not have a following here. No one reads my blog, as of today (Oct. 24, 2020).

However, I think I feel the need to share the following. I pray for my dad.

I pray for his well being.

I pray that he finds what he is looking for.

I pray for this health.

I pray for his happiness.

I pray one day I can sit down and tell my dad how my day was.

I pray that one day we built a strong daughter and father relationship.

Today marks one week since he's been hospitalized. My dad fainted and needed brain surgery. Thank God, he is well. He's in recovery and I'm assuming it's going to be a long recovery.

When I learned that he was in the hospital and that he was going into neurosurgery, I was mad, anxious, and feeling guilty. Why? Why was this happening! Why does something bad had to happen in order for me to get the courage to see my dad and tell him that I love him? Tell him that I forgive him. WHY!?

As I said, my dad is recovering. He is doing well.

When things get tough, I turn to God.

God helped me get through my depression and anxiety. I know He will help me get through this. I have faith that God is going to help heal my dad.

How do I get through the tough times? By praying and listening to worship songs. I'm grateful for my scars, my depression scars, because thanks to them, I have a relationship with God. I have the Lord by my side and I have faith that my dad is going to be ok. That we will have the chance to sit down, have coffee, and talk.

Dear reader, if you haven't talked with your parents or your mad at them for whatever reason, go and hug them. Tell them you love them and thank them. You are the person you are because of your parents.


Worship songs that help me get through tough times

When I started writing this blog, I was going to quote my favorite worship songs, and call it a day. So that's how I'm going to end it.

"There's always a reason to always choose joy. There's something deeper that the world can't destroy. Smile, when you think you can't. Smile, get up, and dance. Smile, there's a bigger plan. The storm only lasts for a while".

Click here to listen to the whole song by Sidewalk Prophet- Smile.

"I'll rise up, I'll rise up unafraid. I'll rise up in spite of the ache. I'll rise up and I'll do it a thousand times again"

Click here to listen to the whole song by Andra Day - Rise Up.

"Joy still comes in the morning. Hope still walks with the hurting. If you're still alive and breathing, Praise the Lord! Don't stop dancing and dreaming. There's still good news worth repeating, so lift your head and keep singing - Praise the Lord!"

Click here to listen to the whole song by Matt Maher - Alive & Breathing feat. Elle Limebear

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