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4 Benefits of Booking a Pre-Quince Photoshoot

How much longer until you're quinceañera? Do you have your dress already? How about the reception?

On a scale from 1-10, how much are you freaking out? I got one way to help out with the anxiety, book a pre-quince photoshoot. Booking a photoshoot before the big day will help you be better prepared.

The 4 Benefits of Bookings a Pre-Quinceañera Photoshoot

The pre-quince photoshoot is booked about 2+ months before the day of the quinceañera. It'll be 30min to an-hour photoshoot at a studio or a local park, depending on what your photographer has to offer. There are four benefits to booking a pre-quinceañera photoshoot.

Have a portrait displayed at the reception

The main purpose of this photoshoot is to capture and print a portrait to display at the reception. It'll give your family a glimpse of what to expect when they walk into the reception.

Make-up and hairstyle run through

Getting ready for the photoshoot will allow you to know your make-up artist and hairstylist a bit more. You'll be able to see and determine if you like your make-up and hairstyle. If it works, you'll have the same one on the day of your quinceañera. You might want to add more to your hairstyle, like an accessory. And for your make-up, have it be more or less dramatic. Getting ready for this photo shoot is going to be a trial run to prepare for your actual quinceañera day.

Putting on the dress

This might be the second or third time you'll put on the dress. The first time was when you tried it on at the boutique. However, this will be the first time you'll actually be wearing your quince dress. As in, walking and sitting. It'll give you an idea of how it's going to be on your quinceañera. And you're going to love wearing it during the session. Just a heads up, it'll take you about 10-15 minutes to put on that dress.

Getting familiar with your photographer

This will be where you and the photographer will build some rapport. You'll get an idea of how the photographer communicates and helps you become photogenic. And the photographer will get to know you, learn how to direct you into the poses, and help you feel comfortable. And when the day of your quinceañera comes, both will know how to talk to each other and have a great time.

Booking your quinceañera photographer

Have you booked your quinceañera photographer yet? If you haven't, I'm here to help. I love doing quinceañera portrait photography. Tap on "Book Now" if you are on your mobile and fill out the form. If you are on your laptop, click on "Contact" and fill out the form, as well. I'll be honored and happy to help you celebrate your quinceañera.

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