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3 Things to keep in mind when taking your quince photos - Annette's XV Portraits at Tempe Beach Park

3 Things to keep in mind when taking your quinceanera photos

Before you scroll down and see Annette's quince portraits, here are my top three tips for taking your quince portraits.

  1. Location. Choose a location that will help you stand out with your quinceañera dress. Spend time on Instagram and Pinterest looking at the best places near you that will be great to have your session.

  2. Hair and Make-up. Every girl has her preference in how she wants to wear make-up. If you light make-up, there is a high chance your make won't shine. When it comes to your hair, try not to have it on your face. I find myself always setting my quinceañera's hair behind their ears to show off their facial structure and eye shadow.

  3. Posing. Have fun with your dress. You and your mom spend lots of weekends shopping for your dream quinceañera dress. Show it off! Be a queen wearing it. During my quince photoshoots - I'm always making Disney preferences. With that being said- twirl like your Cinderalla, pretend you're about to waltz like Belle, and walk with it like Elza when she "Letting it Go." and building her ice castle. Have fun and enjoy it because you only get to wear your dress for one magical night.

There you have it! If you thought those tips were helpful, here’s one more: Hire me as your quinceañera photographer. Shoot me an email at asking for my quinceañera pricing guide. I would love to help you celebrate your quinceañera.

Annette's Quinceañera Portraits at Tempe Beach Park

Annette celebrated her quince in October of 2019. This was my first time taking quinceañera photos at Tempe Beach Park. This is an amazing and popular park to take portraits. You get a bit of everything - a city, lake, and rustic vibe. You need about two hours at this park to capture the best angles at the right spot. Highly recommend you take your portraits at Tempe Beach Park.

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