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La Familia Diaz Portrait Session at Freestone Park in Gilbert

If you feel like you’re not moving fast enough, remember this: Just as a seed doesn’t turn into a tree the day after it’s planted, neither do your efforts. Those seeds need nurturing, care, and time to grow before they become the plant they’re intended to be, just like my portrait photography.

Last year, I decided to invest in a business photography coaching program and started pivoting my business. It has been an adjustment. One of the big changes I made was letting go of digitals and offering wall art. Wall art is decorating your home with photographic portraits of your family. It has been a great experience helping families and quinceañeras plan their sessions and helping them choose amazing artwork. However, seeing that transformation in my photography business has been challenging. And it happening slowly. That is how it is.

Making a change and investing in your dreams and goals takes time. We have to keep going and putting in the work. The time to shine is right around the corner.

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Family Photo Session at Freestone Park in Gilbert

This is my first family portrait session of 2023. It was amazing! We went to Freestone Park in Gilbert. The pictures by the lake are my favorite and the first. The three Diaz girls are very talented young ladies. As you scroll through the photos, you'll notice two ballerinas, a clarinetist, and a violinist.

We had the family session in March. They will be getting their artwork by the end of this month. I'll be sharing an unboxing video of that on my Facebook page and Instagram. In the meantime, tap on the photos to enlarge them and scroll through them.

Send me an email if you would like to book a family session, and I'll be happy to help you.

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