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Celebrate Your Quince at Home (Natalia's Quinceañera Photos)

Where would you love to celebrate your birthday?

I want to travel. So anywhere outside the states would be an amazing way to celebrate my birthday. I'm considering going to Machu Picchu for my 30th birthday. While traveling sounds great, I cherish and have the best birthday memories when I'm with family. I celebrated my 25th in Mexico, with my tías, cousins, and abuelas. It was the best.

Anywhere spectacular sounds amazing, but I do believe that celebrating a life is best with family and close friends, at home. When was the last you celebrated a birthday at home?

Having your quinceañera at home

Natalia celebrated her quince at her grandparents' house. It was beautiful. They had a dance floor, a photo booth, and amazing food that her grandparents made. It was amazing. Below are sneak peeks showing how her quinceañera was.

Being prepared as the quinceañera photographer

I do enjoy helping a family celebrate their quinceañera at home. It feels more intimate. As the photographer, I do have to come prepared. A residential celebration does not have the same accommodations as a venue. And I'm talking about lighting.

Birthday parties are celebrated outside. Like Natalia's quince, she had her celebration was outdoors. Which was amazing. She had her quince in September, the weather was perfect. However, during the evening, the sunlight changes. And soon enough, it's nighttime. I didn't know how much light the family was going to install, so I came prepared.

I used three external flashes to photograph Natalia in her quince dress and for family portraits. I took my "just in case" bag that has clothes pins and clamps. That night was windy and the backdrop that Natalia's mom had was flying everywhere. So I used my clamps and clothespins to keep the backdrop as still as it could. It came in handy.

Here are how Natalia's solo portraits and family photos came out.

"Brought back all the feelings from that day!"

Have you decided where you are going to celebrate your quince? No matter where you celebrate, just remember to have fun, enjoy the dress, cherish the moments, and be grateful. You're celebrating your birthday with your loved ones.

And quinceañera, order a BIG PHOTO FRAMED or CANVAS of you wearing your quinceañera dress. And hang it on your living room wall, so you can see it every day you walk by. You wore and rocked a beautiful gown.

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