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4 Simple, Yet Elegant, Go-To Poses for Your Quinceañera Portrait

Thinking about doing your own quinceañera photoshoot? Sounds like fun. Now, from a quinceañera portrait photographer, here are four go-to poses that will help you during your photo shoot. They are easy to do, very simple, but elegant once you put on that quinceañera dress.

1. The Proper Hand on the Hip

This is the easiest of them all, the hand on the hip. It gives positive vides. When I'm directing the quinceañera into this pose, I'm also asking them to pop their hip a bit. It helps bring out the girls' personalities.

2. Admiring the Dress

I didn't know how to title this pose. You put both arms down on your side, put your face at a profile angle and look down at your dress. Imagine the scene from Cinderella, when the fairy godmother does the Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. The way Cinderella moves her arms to the side and admires the dress as it appears. That's what I mean. Do you get me?

3. Hand under the Chin

This pose brings attention to the face. Your make-up, hairstyle, and jewelry are getting recognition, in a way. You're making a triangle with your upper body using both your arms. Tap on the photos to enlarge and get a better idea of what I'm saying.

4. Posing with your surrounding

When it comes to your quinceañera photoshoot, you invest time in searching for the perfect location. During the photo session, interact with our surroundings. Posing in a quinceañera dress has a lot to do with what you do hands and shoulders. Always posing towards the camera.

Bonus Tip: Pose with Your Bouquet

Do you have an artificial bouquet or is it with real flowers? I bet it is beautiful and goes really well with your color scheme. Make sure you have it with you during your photo shoot and take pictures holding it.

Photography Tip: Be Creative When Taking Pictures

Yes, these poses are simple. Trust me, I get it. Photography is also about the composition and the angle. Scroll back up and take a closer look at the whole picture. Location matters. Taking a close-up versus a long shot matters. The angle and the position of the camera matter.

Don't just stand in one spot when taking pictures, move around. If you're the photographer, move to capture the background or to create depth. Take a moment and look at your surrounding. If you the quinceañera, move your arms and legs between pictures. Movements will help you be more authentic in your pictures.

I hope these four poses help you be photogenic for your quinceañera photoshoot. And if you like to see more quinceañera pictures to get inspiration, click here. I have a quinceañera photography portfolio where you can get ideas and inspiration for your quinceañera.

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