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The FIRST Camera I Got For Portrait Photography

I got my first camera when I was in high school. I want to say I was in junior year. It was a Christmas gift from my dad. This is the camera that I used all throughout high school and college for my film classes. It was the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I used the kit lens all through high school.

This is the camera that helped me build my portfolio. When I started helping my cousins with their quince, that is when I got a 50mm and a flash. I still didn't know how to shoot manually, I was learning as I went. I'm grateful for that camera and my cousins. It was what started my business.

What would you tell your younger self?

I started my business with a beginner's camera and little to no knowledge on how to edit nor how to direct families into poses.

I had no idea what I was doing.

If I could go back and tell that beginner photographer ONE thing, it would be: Everyone starts at ZERO. It takes practice and patience to start a photography business. If I knew that, I’d have stopped doubting myself and jumped all in!

However, I’m thankful for my journey… it made me into the portrait photographer I am today!

How about you, friend? What would you tell your younger self?

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