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Just Go For It! My first quinceañera vs. my most recent quince session

The story on how I got into portrait photography

Ready for some real talk?

I started my business when I got asked "Why not?" The person who asked me was my mom. Si, mi mamá. This was around 2013, around the time I graduated high school and was about to start college. She insisted on me about starting my own photography business to earn a bit of extra cash.

When I fell in love with photography 😍

Years before that, about 2-3 years, I videotape my cousin's quince. My dad had gotten a handheld camcorder that used tape to capture footage and I wanted to use it during the quinceañera. And I did! I followed my cousin around the reception with that camera like I was an additional piece to her quince dress. The very next day, we watch it at her house. Mis tías and cousin love it. Once they watched the video from the professional videographer they hired, they all told me that I did a better job filming the quinceañera.

Keep in mind, I did not edit this footage one bit. We watch it straight from the camera. I hooked up the camera to the TV, with the tape inside, and we just watch the RAW, shaky video.

I was impressed and proud of that compliment. That is the experience where my passion for media began. I took film courses in high school. Did recreational photography with friends and for the yearbook club.

And this is why my mom insisted on me starting my own photography business, well, mainly quinceañera photography. "¿Por qué no?" "Why Not?" That is what she used to say. This question swarmed my head for years before I went all in. I did do a bit of portrait photography while I was in college, but nothing serious. Created a Facebook page and got gigs through referrals. Got a bit of quinceañeras, family sessions, and birthday parties. My younger cousins helped me start a portfolio.

It wasn't until I graduated from college that I decided to GO ALL IN. And I couldn't be happier to say that I DID it. Thanks, Mom.

My First vs Recent Quinceañera

Below is my glow-up of 6 years! The first gallery you'll going to see is from my first paid gig. I used my Canon Rebel T3i and a kit lens. I don't remember her name 🤦🏻‍♀️. I do remember I had to re-edit a few of her photos, some were very overexposed. And I was shooting on auto and using the camera's flash. There is nothing wrong with shooting on auto, but there's a way to do it. This was a fun experience.

And this is my recent quinceañera! This was on November 10, 2021. Mia had her quince portrait session at The Ashley Castle in Chandler. Her family came along, mom, dad, aunt, and grandma. Now I have a Canon 6D Mark II, Canon f.1.4 50mm EOS Lens, and use an external flash with a diffuser. And my editing skills have improved!

I learned so much during that time that influenced the businessperson I am today. I have two websites, one for you to learn about my portrait photography services and the other to showcase my portrait photography portfolio. I used Honeybook for my business and client management. I have email templates, pricing guides, and automation. I use a Go-Pro or my phone to film behind-the-scenes. I'm working on having a strong social media presence.

I’m staying on my toes to bring you and future clients the very best I can. To help you celebrate and create memories.

Send me an email at and let me know what I can do for you. Or hang out for a bit on my website and learn more about my portrait photography.

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