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How to Pose: What to do with your hands

When you're taking a selfie, what do you with your hands? Do you do the "peace sign" ✌🏼? Do you fluff your hair? Or have you never even given a thought?

When I started doing portrait photography, I struggled to direct my girls on how to pose. Especially when it comes to the hands. I started by doing the usual, hand on the hip. And that is it. I just got creative with the angles.

Now, I have a guide. The hand on the hip is still one of my go tos.

My Top 5 Go-To Poses: What to do with your hands

1️⃣ I'm thinking/wondering (hand under the chin)

2️⃣ I'm the queen (hand on the hip)

3️⃣ Can I help you (loosely crossing your arms)

4️⃣ Playing with my hair (running your fingers through your hair)

5️⃣ Look what I got (holding a purse or a bouquet)

Like how I named my poses?

Key Component To Posing

When it comes to posing, your posture is very important. Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are back. Then, take a deep breath. That will help you relax and not look too stiff.

In the Facebook live video below, I explain more about each pose and how you can mix them up as well. Click on the video and let me in the comments, on the FB post, which pose you're going to try next.

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