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How to be prepared for a quinceañera vendor meeting?

Do you get nervous when you're calling vendors and you don't know what to expect? What questions will be asked? Vendors will help you through the process and, hopefully, guide you through the expectations. Although, it will help if you are prepared with all the details for your celebration.

4 things you should know before calling quinceañera vendors

As a quinceañera photographer, I'll be sharing 4 tips that'll help you be prepared when searching for a photographer (vendor) for your quinceañera.

Have a budget

Have a budget in mind. Be reasonable with your budget. Your budget has to correspond with your expectations. This will help you and the photographer (vendor) know how much you are willing to invest. Be prepared and expect to receive a pricing guide that might be over your budget, depending on what your expectations are and how the vendor set their prices. Ask what can be done with your budget and then ask how much will it cost for what you're asking/expectations.

Have the date

The first question I ask when I'm on the phone is "When is the quinceañera?" I want to check to I have that date available before continuing with our conversation. Have a date in place.


Where will you be celebrating your quince? Will it be at home? Will it be at a reception? There is a chance that you may not know, and that's ok. Let the photographer know what you're leaning towards. Knowing where you will be celebrating your event will help me, as the quinceañera photographer (vendor), do my job well, be prepared and provide you with more information on what I can and cannot provide.

Your Expectations

What are your expectations for the photographer (vendor)? What would you like the photographer to cover? Here is a list of what I mean:

  • Gettings Ready - requires 2 hours

  • Photoshoot at the park with the court of honor and family - need 2 hours, includes driving to the location

  • Ceremony - 30mins to an hour

  • Reception (includes the family photos and the traditional quinceañera events) - requires 4 hours

  • Party (cutting the cake and dancing) - 2 to 3 hours

Share all the details that you're planning for your quinceanera. Do you want a pre-quince photoshoot, una session de fotos para la foto de entrada? Will you have a limo or a party bus? Will you have any live music during the reception (un grupo, banda or mariachi)? Are any surprises planned, like a special guest or mariachi? How many chambelanes and damas are you having? Any many dances for the traditional quinceañera events? Share details and be clear about them with the photographer (Vendor).

Communicate well with your vendors

Knowing these four things will help hire the right vendor for your quinceañera. The vendors will be very appreciative if you have your expectations clear from the start. Communicate those expectations clearly and ask questions. The vendors will also be asking more questions to get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

While you're starting your search for quinceañera vendors, look at their website, check out their social media, and read their reviews. That will help you narrow that long list down and give you a head start when searching vendors for your quinceañera.

Click on the heart below to let me know if this blog post helps you. Good luck as you continue planning your quince.

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