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What's in my camera bag (2022)?

What is one thing that you always find in your bag?

No matter how small or big my bag/purse is, there's a pen and sticky notes. I can not live without sticky notes. the pen is there in case I need to write something down for later. A pen and sticky are also in my camera bag.

The camera gear I used for my portrait photography

Throughout the years my camera bag has gone through a deep cleanout. I used to carry around three different lenses, three flashes, all of my batteries, and the portable chargers with me to each session. Which was not necessary.

Now, every time you book an outdoor portrait session with me, you'll see me with my Brevitē camera bag with the gear below.

  1. Canon 6D Mark II camera

  2. Canon EF 1.8 50mm Lens

  3. Sigma 1.4 16mm Lens

  4. Go-Pro (to film BTS)

  5. Tripod

  6. Gorilla pod

  7. 1 Speedlight Flash

  8. Light Diffuser

  9. SD cards (SanDisk extreme cards)

  10. two sets of batteries

For a quinceañera event, I take that same gear, plus extra.

  1. Canon 24-105 f/4 L (I rent this lens from

  2. Light stands

  3. Two Speedlight Flashes

  4. My Backdrop setup, just in case

  5. Portable batteries chargers

  6. Extra Tripod

  7. Battery grip

  8. Lens cleaner

  9. Reflector

  10. Clamps

So that's what's in my camera bag.

Your turn! Let me know in the comments below the ONE thing that you always carry in your bag/purse.

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