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In-Coming: Brand Photography/Business Portraits

I like to share something personal related to business with you.

One of my goals with my boutique photography business is to include brand photography. I would love to help local business owners curate beautiful images for social media and marketing. Everyone searches for services and products online and having professional images is important.

What do you do when looking for a new place to eat?

Where do you search for DIY information?

Where do you get educated in things that you do not know?

When searching for products, what catches your eye?

Do the images that you see on a website determine if you are going to move forward in doing business with that person/company?

Now, think about when you are looking at the About page on a website. Are you more inclined to contact that person/company when you see professional images of the owner/team that will be providing the service? How about when you are checking out their social media? Seeing a profile picture helps put a face to the company name.

Having a professional team photo or a business portrait is helpful. That also implies having good BTS images of the services you provide and presenting your products.

I invite you to listen to this video why I'm sharing why my art, my photography, is important. Why it's very valuable to me.

I hope it inspires you to go after your dreams and to not give up. Keep moving forward.

I want to use my photography to give to the community and help business owners serve as well. After watching this video, hit that heart button on the right side.

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