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6 Poses to do with Your Quinceañera Court of Honor

How is your quince practice with your court of honor? How many chambelanes do you have? Are you having damas? Share one song that you're going to dance to with your court of honor in the comments below.

I remember the excitement and the stress during my quince practice. The excitement was because it was my quinceañera and a whole day was dedicated to me. The stress because there was a lot to be done. IT'S ALL WORTH IT.

And I was very grateful that my cousins, brother, and close friends were willing to dedicate time for quince practice. It meant a lot to me.

Celebrating your quince is amazing, and it's all thanks to your family, friends and chambelanes. They dedicate time and invested to celebrate with you. Remember to be patient with your court of honor and be grateful. Take the time to show your appreciation.

Six Poses With Your Quinceañera Court of Honor

Now let's talk about pictures. Would you consider yourself photogenic? How about the boys? Got any ideas about how you would like to pose with your court of honor? If not, don't worry. I got you. Below I listed six poses that you and your court of honor should try when you're at the park taking pictures.

Yes, I know the names are very cringy, I'm just trying to be cool 😎. I'm pretty sure it didn't work. Scroll down and see how each pose looks.

The Proper Group Photo

For this pose, the quinceañera is usually in the middle and the court of honor are evenly divided and standing next to the her - as shown below. The chambelanes are standing straight up with their hands in their pockets. And if there are damas, they are also standing up straight with a hand on their hips. A pretty proper group photo.

The Peter Pan I Can Fly

When was the last time you watched Peter Pan? In this pose, the quinceañera and her court of honor stand in a line, the quinceañera in the middle, and they all jump in the air. It takes a couple of tries, but it looks like they are trying to fly, like Wendy and her brother when Peter Pan is trying to teach them how to fly, with the help of some pixie dust.

The Runway Photo

The runway pose refers to a fashion show - the runway/walkway that the models walk on to showcase and model the clothes. I want the quinceañera and her court of honor to walk as if they were in a fashion show, showcasing the dress and the tuxedo. Plus it brings a good laugh and eases up the tension.

Girl Got Superpowers

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. Think of anime or avatar. The quinceañera will stretch out her arms and the boys will jump back from her. As if the quinceañera can blast them off into the air, like an air bender avatar.

Let's Be Weird

This pose basically being weird and annoying. I'm giving the group a chance to let go of all the seriousness and express themselves. "Let's do a fun photo." I'll direct the quinceañera to show off her dress and make-up, and the chambelanes to point and look "wow." Another way I'll direct them is to get close and do a "cool" pose together.

The Gang Pose

This pose is after they've all danced. The tension and nerves are all gone and they are all more relaxed. As soon as the surprise dance is over, I'll gather them all together, direct them to hug each or to get close and a do cool pose. They all even smile, and I bet is because no more nerve. They now can relax and dance the night out in celebration.

Now do the cringy names make sense? If they do, click the heart that is on the bottom right. In the comments below, let me know which pose you're most likely to try for your quince. Or share one pose that I should try next time.

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